Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aren't Blogs BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!
Being new to blogging (first post april 2nd) I wasn't sure what to expect. At first I was a little bit apprehensive putting myself out there. I have posted photos before but the last bit of writing I did was at school -- years ago. Now I just love the format . I think that they are a great way of sharing ideas and imformation with like minded people. Every blog has its own style and format, they are all different, all having something to offer ,all with a personal touch. One of first things I look at on my computer in the evening is the other local blogs to see whats been happening , what I've been missing whilst at work. I like 'Another Place' with their team effort , great photos and interesting writing. Andy's blog always interests me to see what I've been missing over the fence from Prescot res at Knowsley safari park. He recently turned up a superb summer plumaged red necked grebe and a firecrest, not bad on your local patch. Colins blog covers the Rainford mosslands and Eccleston mere. Colin had the four cranes recently over the mosslands (jammy git) and he said that they headed towards prescot res but alas nobody was there. You can't be everywhere all of the time and thats what Brilliant about blogs letting others know whats been happening, especially on a local basis. So if you have a similar interest in the merseyside area or the north west get your own blog. Its easy, the more the merrier. Merseyside is a great place to watch birds with a big diversity of habitat and birdwatchers! Keep up the good work lads.


Otis Bilious said...

Steve, it looks like you have really got into this blog thing. if you want to see what inspired me to start Another Place look at This is REAL blogging

Steve Tomlinson said...

A little bit out of my league Chris but what a site. It looks more like a full time job than a blog. A very fortunate man Charlie all the travelling he does and time he gets to do it. If only eh! I 've put it in my favs. Some really interesting stuff in there.