Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crosby Coastguards,
A Peregrine as we left the car park was a good start. Light westerly winds and a high tide today so a couple of hours seawatching was in order. The roof of the pumping station gives an excellent vantage point and a bit of shelter also. The best bird again today was the summer plumaged Spotted Redshank which flew past close by south with 8 redshanks but was not seen again. Most birds were along way out, the winds not being strong enough to bring the birds closer.
30 Gannets
5 Fulmars
4 Red Throated divers
2 Common Scoters
30 Cormorants
A couple of unidentifed terns a long way out.
Clouds of thousands of waders off formby piont.
On terre firma
2 wheatears on the golf course
2 Whitethroats
2 grasshopper warblers

Prescot reservoir
2 common sandpipers ( BH had 8 yesterday) 4 goldeneye and a green woodpecker in yates wood.


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