Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Prescot reservoirs
The male Redstart was present for its third day on the far fence near the rusty gate in the ranch. Today it had a female wheatear for company a couple of fence posts away instead of yesterdays stonechat. It was feeding well catching insects on the ground flying to and from its perch. A swallow flew north over no4 res.
A pair of coot and a pair of moorhen were on the ranch pond with a couple of buzzard overhead.
A couple of grey herons flew towards Yates wood to feed in the pond. A pair of oystercatchers were seen mating very close to where they bred last year.
On the reservoirs today
21 goldeneye
12 tufted duck
2 great crested grebe
1 ruddy duck f
10 mallard
50 lesser black backed gull
4 greater black backed gull
20 herring gull
4 black headed gull
2 common gull
Most of the gulls were adults

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