Friday, April 21, 2006

Prescot reservoirs
A single Tree pipit was a nice bird in the ranch today. 2 common sandpipers fed around the concrete parapet of no 4 res.The goldeneye have decreased to 5 today with tufted duck at 10. A pair of wheatears where on the grass around the green box area. Three buzzards floated over no3 res and a pair of Kestrels were displaying around the plantation. Willow warblers, balckcap and chiffchaffs were singing all around.Yesterday BH had a Whimbrel on the causeway for ten minutes and 2 swifts over. The first Swift last year was on the 16th so 4 days later this year.
Our resident canada goose 'righty' is to become a father with his mate sitting on eggs. Righty has a broken wing so its quite an achievement!!!

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