Sunday, May 28, 2006

Prescot reservoirs

All these images today were taken with my new little camera, the Canon A95 and my zeiss diascope 85. Just thought I would try a bit of digiscoping for a change and I'm glad I did. Click on the image to see a larger image.

This Red breasted goose has been around for a couple of years at least. First time I have seen it this year though. It was on no4 this morning.

This little fella must have hit the wire perimeter fence.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Prescot Reservoir,
3 common terns over no4 today for five minutes then flew off west. 3 shellducks , 3 oystercatcher,50 swift and 4 house martins were about the best of it. 50 lesser black backs 5 herring and 2 adult black headed today.
BH had a Hobby yesterday over no4

Great tits nesting in a road cone at Prescot reservoirs. Strange but true.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Prescot Reservoirs
A late sand martin over the ranch and 1 common sanpiper today. 1 shellduck over no4, 20 tufted duck, 2 ruddy duck, 1 great crested grebe, 1 cormorant. 1 buzzard 1 male kestrel, 100 swift ,20 swallow 5 house martins. There are plenty of mallard ducklings and 7 canada goose goslings.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Crosby coastguards,
A visit late Saturday afternoon after the rain had stopped produced a couple of whimbrel, 10 bar tailed godwits,50 turnstone, 3 curlew, 20 dunlin. A strong nw wind was blowing but produced nothing of note during a couple of hours seawatching.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Prescot reservoirs ,
Not much happening today. 3 common sandpipers, A pair of ruddy duck, 1 great crested grebe,1 cormorant, 4 gadwall, 10 tufted duck, 50 lesser black backed gull and 10 herring and 1 1st summer great black backed gull.
No photos today so a sketch of the Wirrals spring highlights.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seaforth nr,
A female Baikal Teal on the freshwater pool today. It has apparently been there for 3 days . It was not good viewing as it was quite distant and the sun haze did not help. Oh and the 8 foot fence sort of got in the way.The white loral spot, white throat and the wing pattern was noted and all seemed ok for female baikal teal. The bird was to distant for me to notice that it has a pale base to the bill which has put a slight doubt to the birds ID. A very interesting bird. Baikal teal is not on the british list at present. A male bird was present in Northern Ireland in February which arrived with an influx of teal.
The lesser whitethroat was singing and showing well near the carpark. I also noted 8 first summer little gulls.A couple of wheatears and a white wag were also seen.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crosby coastguards
3 wheatears, 9 whimbrel, 60 turnstones,50 dunlin and 1 sandwich tern where the highlights today. A report of a laughing gull at Hilbre island had me checking every gull.

Prescot reservoirs,
A reservoir rarity today in the form of a house sparrow. I have been birdwatching at the reservoirs regularly for about two years and this is the first house sparrow I have seen there. A stunning male was feeding beside no 4 res. A flock of 30 jackdaws on the covered res. Not much else to report there today . Andy spot reports whinchat and reed warbler over in the safari park.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Liverpool Victory.
Congratulations to Liverpool F.C. on winning the F A cup. A great performance from Stevie Gerrard again and I just hope he reproduces that form for England. If only he played for Everton.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Marsh warbler at frodsham marsh?
I went to see the possible marsh warbler last night. It was very difficult to see well but I managed a fairly decent view front on whilst it sang low in the reeds. It did seem to have a greyish cast to its brown peaked head. Its white throat stood out. I did not get any good views of the wings or legs. It seemed to like the hawthorn bushes as much as the reeds
Its song was like reed warbler at times and at other times it mimicry was astounding when it got going . I have no experience of marsh warbler in this country and have only seen them a couple of times abroad so I will have to let other more able birders decide if this bird really is one.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A quick visit to Crosby Marina early morning and the lesser whitethroat was rattling away in the bushes by the first car park but I didn't see it. North of coastguards 5 whimbrel on the beach and a flock of 8 over the golf course. Some of the sanderling and dunlin were looking smart in summer plumage as were the grey plover. 8 common tern flew north. Whitethroats sang everywhere and a sedge warbler was in the scrub by the railway but no sign of the recent cuckoo. A couple of male stonechats sang from prominent perches
Back at the Marina. 3 1st summer little gulls flew from seaforth onto the marina. PK said he had just heard and seen the lesser whitethroat by the carpark but I had no luck but heard whitethroat and sedge warbler.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Martin Mere,
A visit after work today to see the 3 black winged stilts was rewarded with distant views into the sun. These elagant waders were only the 2nd record for Lancashire. They were seen yesterday at Far Ings in Linconshire and obviously decided that Lancashire was a better place to be. Also whimbrel over.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A holly blue in the garden today
Prescot reservoirs,
About 70 swifts over no 3 + 4 res mid morning with 20 swallows. Blackcap,chiffchaff and willow warbler seem to be everywhere now. 1 sedge warbler in the ranch and a garden warbler singing in the bottom wood were new birds. 3 whitethroats singing. Green woodpecker calling.
2 male wheatears
2 common sandpipers
Goldeneye have all left now
10 tufted duck
3 great crested grebe
3 oystercatchers
10 lapwings
30 lesser black backed
1 1st s common gull
6 herring gull
5 buzzards
2 kestrel

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fortune favours the brave,

As I crossed the sands towards Hibre Island at 07.00 with the wind and rain biting at my face I started to question my sanity. The subalpine warbler had not been seen since 13.30 yesterday and then only briefly but the weather had been windy and rainy during the night so I thought that it was probably still there. Two other birders were already there when I arrived and two others joined us soon after. I thought there would have been a few more birders here with this bird being only the 4th record for Cheshire and the 2nd for Hilbre. The buckthorn around the heligoland trap seemed birdless except for the odd linnet popping up. We had the strong wind at our backs from the west. One of the birders said he was going around to the east side were it was more sheltered on the beach and look up at the buckthorn overhanging the sandstone cliffs. Its a good job he did because half an hour later he came back saying the subalp had just been showing with a willow warbler. We all rushed around to the beach on the east side to look up at where it had just been seen. A bird flitting about at the bottom of the buckthorn was flushed by the warden checking the traps. The subalpine warbler flew out and landed in a small bush out in the open and gave excellent views if only brief.It then flew back into the buckthorn and was not seen again by us. Five birders with big smiles then left to walk back to the mainland. This bird is a first summer male and was trapped and ringed yesterday morning

I then drove the short distance to leasowe to see the great grey shrike close to the lighthouse. It was perched low in a hawthorn sheltering from the wind around midday. All five of the Hilbre birders met up again and the group photo was taken below.

These are two great birds for Merseyside or is it cheshire?