Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seaforth nr,
A female Baikal Teal on the freshwater pool today. It has apparently been there for 3 days . It was not good viewing as it was quite distant and the sun haze did not help. Oh and the 8 foot fence sort of got in the way.The white loral spot, white throat and the wing pattern was noted and all seemed ok for female baikal teal. The bird was to distant for me to notice that it has a pale base to the bill which has put a slight doubt to the birds ID. A very interesting bird. Baikal teal is not on the british list at present. A male bird was present in Northern Ireland in February which arrived with an influx of teal.
The lesser whitethroat was singing and showing well near the carpark. I also noted 8 first summer little gulls.A couple of wheatears and a white wag were also seen.


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