Sunday, June 04, 2006

Prescot reservoirs,
The common tern colony has now increased to 3 today. They were landing on beagle 2 in the middle of no4 reservoir and did attempt to mate on there. They stayed for a couple of hours then flew off N E. probably going to Eccleston mere.
The 14 shellduck ducklings are still doing well as are the 6 canada and 2 greylag gooslings.
There must have been a hatch of flys as 16 black headed gulls were doing there best to imatate marsh terns picking them off the surface.
After yesterdays encounter with the sparrowhawk, a house martin landed on the perimeter fence no more than 6 yards away. After taking its picture I then walked passed it to within 2 yards and it stayed where it was totally unperturbed. Nice.

Lacewing CanonA95

House martin Canon A95


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