Monday, June 12, 2006

Prescot reservoirs,
RED-VEINED DARTER today on the new pond which was only created last year after some building work at the reservoirs. I found it on sunday morning but misidentified it on brief views as a common darter. After talking to Colin Davies and Ray Banks and the recent influx of red- veined darters across the country I thought I had better go and see if I could get a better view and some decent photos. This morning was cloudy and breezy and not good for dragonfly watching but again I had brief views of it and when it did appear the broad bodied chasers chased it off! About 4.00pm this afternoon it brightened up considerably and I decided to go back and have another look. After an hour or so it appeared again and convieniently perched on a small stalk at the muddy edge to the pond and I managed to confirm the ID and get some decent photos. Job done and a first for St helens in the bag.

Also today
Emperor dragonfly
3 Broad bodied Chasers
3 Common blue damselfly
Black tailed Skimmer seen by Colin Davies

2 Red Admirals
Lots of Painted lady

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