Friday, June 16, 2006

Prescot Reservoirs,
Very quiet on the birding front again today.2 buzzards, 2 kestrel, 20 tufted duck, 2 shellduck with 12 shellducklings, 20 canada with 5 goslings 2 great crested grebe and a pair of ruddy duck.

Odonata today included,
1 Black tailed skimmer m
5 broad bodied chasers 3f 2m
1 emperor m
3 newly emerged common darters
Common blue damselfly
azure damselfly

2 painted lady
lots common blues
small white

silver y moth
cinnabar moth

Sutton Manor, St Helens

reed warbler

Large red damselfly,
Azure damselfly
Common blue damsel
Emperor male
3 broad bodied chasers
6 four spotted chasers

Large skipper
Small skipper
painted lady
meadow brown

Latticed heath moth
five spotted burnet
Silver y

Lots of Bee Orchids.

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