Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rainford mosslands,
I visited Dairyfarm Road today. A blue headed wagtail was in a ploughed field with a female and obviously a pair. A cuckoo was seen near the coach road. A corn bunting was singing in the distance.
I then moved to Berringtons lane. You just can't not be impressed by a cock yellowhammer singing his heart out in his bright yellow suit on a glorious sunny day. In the space of five minutes I had four raptors. A peregrine and a buzzard drifted over the fields. A male kestrel was hovering over some scrub. I had just finished taking some images of the cock yellowhammer. I was sitting in the van when a cock sparrowhawk landed on a post only a couple of metres away . It looked at me and I looked at him just for a second or two and then he was away. One of those nice little moments.
Prescot Reservoirs
2 common terns and 4 shellduck with 14 ducklings between them. Another house sparrow was nice.100 lesser black backs and 5 herring gull.


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