Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sankey valley,
Banded Demoiselle is a damselfly that I have never seen before, not that I have seen many different damselflies before. Colin Davies reported seeing some at mucky mountains in the sankey valley during the week so off I went today to have a look. The wind was quite strong today and I did not see any damselflies here but Colin had mentioned that some where showing at Havana flashes. They were showing brilliantly here just below the bridge and what beautiful creatures they are. In the strong sunshine thier metalic greenyblue colour glistened as they fluttered about. I had 5 of them here but I met Ray Banks who said he had a least 30 along the stream further up. This is a rare damselfly in St Helens with only a handful of previous records. I also had blue tailed damselfly from the bridge.

Prescot Reservoirs,

A quick visit Early morning produced a couple of common terns. The shellducklings are down to 11 now.


cursief huigje said...

An amazing blog!
Greets from Belgium.

Dalarnas Michajlow said...
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Phantom Birder said...

Demoiselles are da bomb!

except demoiselle cranes - they're all escapes