Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cinnabar moth larvae on common ragwort

Prescot reservoirs,

Still pretty quiet on the birding front. Tufted duck have increased to 56 and the first 2 young tufted duck were noted. 4 gadwall ducklings with parents and now only 2 shellducklings left with parents. Coot numbers are rising with 20 birds now present. 1 female ruddy duck, 6 great crested grebes,10 barnacles, 50 canada. BH reported 1 ring plover this morning and several curlew and a common sand throghout the week. AS also reports a single crossbill over.
The first 2 gatekeepers of the year around no3 res. A silver y moth, red admiral, and large skipper in the meadow. 2 emperor dragonfly, 2 broad bodied chasers and 2 common blue damselflys on the new pond.

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