Saturday, July 15, 2006

Prescot Reservoirs,
The first returning snipe was back in the ranch pond today present with a common sand. 4 common sands were on the reserviors. A 1st summer mediterranean gull on the causeway seen by Billy Harrison early morning. This was also present on Thursday. An adult common tern flew in mid morning. A kingfisher flew right over our heads on the causeway, the blue and orange gleaming in the bright sunlight.
A juv sand martin was on the perimeter fence with 8 juv swallows. A mixed flock of 20 linnets 20 goldfinch and 6 greenfinch with many juvs amongst them was also on the fence.
The gull numbers are building up with 80 black headed, 8 common gull, 30 herring, and 60 lesser bb gull and 1 great bb gull.
A painted lady, a very big small tortoiseshell, lots of meadow browns, gatekeeper,4 green veined white, small skipper and a red admiral.
1 broad bodied chaser.

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