Saturday, July 22, 2006

Udea lutealis

Shaded broad bar

Sutton Manor,
Lots of shaded broad bars fluttering about in the grasses today. I mistakenly thought a very worn individual was a july belle on Monday. This caused a little ripple in the St Helens mothing fraternity as it would have been a first for the borough.
I didn't realise that yesterdays ruddy darter was the first record of ruddy darter within the borough for seven years and only the 4th ever sighting.
A male Emerald damselfly was a nice find on the top pond today. Also emperor, brown hawker, 4 spotted chaser, broad bodied chaser and lots of common darter.
A female bullfinch, a family of redpolls and a 3 yellowhammers were the best of the birds today.
A couple of other nice micro moths, Udea lutealis and grapholita compositella were recorded.

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