Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two weeks holiday. Great birding. Scorching hot. Thunder storms. 4 wheel drives. Alligators. Fat people. Quadruple burgers. Very fat people. Mickey mouse. Air conditioning. Air boats. Roseate spoonbills. Terrorist threats. Have a nice day. Stars and stripes. Cape canaveral. Interstate 4. Swallow tailed kites. Shamu. Ice machines. Racoons. Clearwater. Sunsets. Magnificent frigatebirds. Swamps. Cheap gas. Stingrays. Crazy golf. Wilderness. Hurricanes. Giant butterflies. Two weeks great holiday.


Otis Bilious said...

Nah Steve!

You can't get away that lightly, where is the your holiday journal? You gotta get more copy than that out on your blog of such a great birding location.


Steve Tomlinson said...

Still jet lagged, post holiday depression and now back at work and its raining. Its the best I could muster at the moment.
Maybe I will give a more indepth report soon,

Menzie said...

Steve, I thought you'd gone quiet - now I know why! Some cracking photos there, almost enough to make me jealous...
And that write up is more than enough to sum the holiday up for me. Pictures say 1000 words, as the old saying goes.