Thursday, September 14, 2006

Prescot reservoirs,
The torrential rain today didnt dampen the birding too much . 7 black terns graced the reservoirs today and were an expected arrival after the big influx throughout the country yesterday. All 7 birds were juveniles. They arrived at about midday and were gone with the improving weather at 3.30pm. 4 spotted flycatchers gave excellent views on the ranch fence in the pouring rain still hawking insects.A mixed tit flock of 20 long tailed tits,6blue and 5 great tits fed in the canopy.
BC had the 1st w med earlier today.

A small copper butterfly showed in the meadow after the rain had stopped.

The hummingbird hawkmoth decided to rest a while on our garage wall yesterday. It was not as impressive as when its feeding but was nice to see its markings while it was at rest.This moth has now been in and around the garden for 12 days.

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