Sunday, October 15, 2006

Prescot Reservoirs,
5 Goldeneye today with the first returning birds on Thursday. 58 pochard is the best count for many years. 250 tufted, lots of coot, 7 great crested grebe and 5 little grebe. 60+ redwing over and 10 skylark over.
No med gulls today but there has now been 6 med gulls at the reservoirs this autumn. 2 1st w, 2 2nd w, and 2 adult one with a metal ring and one with a green ring. Good flocks of greenfinch and goldfinch this morning with a single redpoll. 2 peregrines,1 kestrel 1 female sparrowhawk and 2 buzzards also this morning.
At least 20 red admirals went through this morning all going south.1 speckled wood and 1 common darter also.
I had another rare Lancashire moth in the garden this week. Calybites phasianipennella is only the 4th time it has been recorded in Lancashire.

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