Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Iceland gull and robins nest building

This robin was busy making its nest in my garden today. Well it is January!!!

Prescot reservoirs,

I finally caught up with the 2nd winter Iceland Gull today. It arrived at the reservoirs at 4.00pm with a large number of herring gulls (c1000) which had come in to drink and bathe before moving off to roost elsewhere. No large gulls roost at the reservoirs but a few black heads do so occasionally. The sun had gone down below the treeline so the light was awful and the iceland was well out in the middle of the reservoir so record shots of this gull were all I could manage.It stayed for 15 minutes and then flew off south .
This bird was first seen by AS flying over the north fence heading east at 09.15 on 8th Jan. It has only been seen a couple of times since in the afternoon coming in from the east. It is probably feeding during the day around St Helens and has been seen by CD at Lea green tip which is close to Sherdley Park.I hope this helps any local birders hoping to see this excellent merseyside bird . White wingers have become increasingly rare in our area in recent years. Arpley landfill site being the only reliable site locally but of course this is in Cheshire.

Also of note today was an Argentatus herring gull with very limited black wing tips and from below it had only a tiny black mark on the outer primary which made it look very glaucous gull like.

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