Friday, January 19, 2007

Some people just want to get too close to the little gulls!

Crosby marine park

After yesterdays gales I thought a visit to the coast was in order. With a strong westerly still blowing it certainly made it difficult viewing the birds . A couple of little gulls on the boating lake was a good start. 100 plus oystercatchers,2 redshank, 1 bar tail godwit , 5 skylark and a big roost of gulls were also around the edge of the lake.
A stroll along the beach up to the leisure centre and back produced another 20 little gulls feeding in the shallow waters as the the tide came in. You cannot fail to be impressed at thier aerial control as they pitter patter across the water leachs petrel style in a gale that I could just about walk in. A first winter , 2 second winter and the rest being adults. A single knot , a single sanderling and 10 turnstone were the only waders present as the tide was almost fully in.
When I returned to the boating lake the little gulls were up to 8 and were resting on the grassy edge. A pair of goldeneye gave close views on the lake .

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