Saturday, February 03, 2007

Eckee thump! A PACIFIC DIVER.
I was back in Yorkshire today and what a glorious sunny day it was. This time the draw was a first for me and for Britain, Europe and the western paleartic. A juvenile pacific diver was on a gravel pit at Farnham. Similar to black throated diver it shows a chin strap, no white flank patches and also has a thin ventral line on its underside. It has a smaller bill, more rounded head giving it its own particular jizz.
It was apparently suppressed for two weeks before the sighting was made public. All credit to the person who asked the question "This may not be a black throated diver" and went further to id this mega bird. 10 pounds to get in but shared between 3 made it more than acceptable.
This is a full species according to the AOU so hopfully the BOU will give it the same status but its already on my list.
A red kite on the way back was the icing on the cake.

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Anonymous said...

What superb photos,thank you, hear reports of another one today,how very strange