Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prescot Reservoirs,
The first swift of the year today . 1 common sand, 1 green sand, LRP, 2 sand martin, 1 white wag, 1 shellduck,1 pair gadwall, 11 great crested grebes, 1 stock dove, and green woodpecker calling.
BH had a wheatear early morning . The goldeneye have all left for breeding grounds although BH said there were 2 females early morning.

In the morning sunshine there was a swarm of about 150 moths around the top of a birch tree. They were Adela reaumurella which belongs to a family called the longhorns due to the fact that thier antenna are about 3 times the lenght of thier body. Thier wings have a metalic sheen which can change colour depending on which angle you look at it

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