Monday, April 16, 2007

Rimmers farm,
Sitting between Huyton, the m62 and Netherley are a few fields that make up Rimmers farm. It is well used by dog walkers along the foot paths and a pond often has anglers around its edge. A lot of the fields have been ploughed recently so with wheatear and maybe a ring ousel in mind I ventured to this not so promising spot.
I did not find a ring ousel but did find a couple of wheatears. But it was not the migrants that suprised me but the numbers of birds that are apparently struggling nationwide. There were at least 5 pairs of grey partridge ( no reg legged were seen) and skylarks singing over every field. At least 10 pairs were noted. 6 pairs of stock doves, reed buntings, linnets and lapwings were nesting.I did not expect to find these fields stuck in the middle of suburbia to be so rich with bird life.

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