Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ayrshire, Scooootland.
A weeks family holiday in Largs, just a wee bit west of Glasgow was a very nice break. The holiday apartment was right on the harbour with excelent views across the forth of Clyde and the islands of Cumbrae and Bute. The gannets and manxies were constantly on show with a supporting cast of eiders,shags, guillemots, black guillemots, goosanders and gulls.
Best bird of the holiday and most unexpected was a golden eagle just north of Ardrossan from the coast road. I was driving back from a day out, along the coast road when I noticed this huge bird floating over the hills just inland. I quickly pulled in, grabbed my bins and camera and enjoyed this magnificent bird of prey for a couple of minutes before it closed its wings and stooped down at a steep angle out of sight.
It is not very mountainous in this area just hills and moors so this bird was a supprise. I spoke to a Scottish birder later in the week and he said that they ocassionally come across from the isle of Arran to feed.

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