Monday, November 05, 2007

Prescot reservoirs

An Adult winter yellow legged gull was at prescot res today. I managed a few records shots which seem to show an unusual wing pattern. p10 has a completely large white tip and p5 has only the faintest black mark at the tip. Maybe this is a bird from the eastern end of the range.Olsen/larsson say a completely white tip is more common in eastern mediterranean/black sea populations sometimes show white tip to p10 and only narrow black markings on p5. Any suggestions welcome from you gullers out there.
Also today,
Adult w med gull,11 wigeon,11 shoveller,49 pochard, 43 mallard,6 goldeneye 1m 5f,120 tufted duck, 2 f ruddy duck,4 little grebe, 1 siskin, 3 redwing, 1 stonechat and a peregrine.
I have not been able to get out birding lately but here are some recent reports from Prescot reservoirs.
2 Nov 3 whopper swans
1 Nov 115 fieldfare
31 Oct adult yellow legged gull
30 Oct 5 stonechat
21 Oct 163 fieldfare, 43 redwing, 2 stonechat and 1 ring ousel


Stephen Menzie said...

Hi Steve
Your bird shows quite extensive black on P5 and a very small amount of black on P4. P8 is still growing (check the underwing shot at the top of the page - you can see the tip of P8 is roughly level with the mirror on P9) which may be confusing you a bit if you're counting in from P10.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

As an amateur guller myself, the white tip to P10 had me taking a closer look. Thanks for the explanation in your blog. Most useful.

Andy L.

Steve Tomlinson said...

Hi Steve,
I can understand why you think that but it is the odd split shape of the mirror on p9 which gives the impression that p8 is still coming down. P8 is there fully grown. The third photo of the set I think shows that both wings have 10 primaries fully grown.I will try and post a blown up shot of the primaries later. Thanks for your comment.Tim V has asked for a closer look so hopefully he will have a view on this interesting gull.
Thanks again Steve T

Steve Tomlinson said...

I did consider Yellow legged argentatus but I think other features favour michahellis,