Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prescot reservoirs,
A big arrival of gulls between 11.30 and 13.30 kept me happily occuppied for a couple of hours. Mainly Herring gulls and a count of 900 was made. A constant flow of birds arriving and birds leaving probably makes the count under what it actually was. A large ammount of the gulls were argentatus. I would guess about 10% of the herring gulls were argentatus. Amongst the herring gulls were 4 Yellow legged gulls. 1 1st winter, 1 2nd winter, and 2 adult winter. I was hoping for a white winger amongst this large gathering but no luck today.
A bar tailed godwit on the causeway with the lapwing was a rare visitor to the reservoirs today
Also today,
900 herrring gulls
262 black headed gulls
111 common gull
33 lesser black backed
8 great black backed.
1 adult med gull
4 yellow legged gull
97 pochard
94 tufted duck
1 ruddy duck
9 goldeneye
30 mallard
219 coot
7 little grebe
2 great crested grebe,
21 canada
100 lapwing
9 skylark
1 peregrine
6 snipe

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