Saturday, February 02, 2008

Glaucous gull saves the day.
A possible juv American herring gull on richmond bank was an exciting find for those watching there today. A juv glaucous gull was the best on show for me but still a smart bird showing very well. An adult yellow legged gull and a couple of ravens also today. I was hoping the new juv iceland gull that was seen on richmond bank earlier would have put in a show but no luck.
The gull numbers today were very low compared to recent weeks but still probably 5000 gulls on show .
I realised today that you can see another landfill site when looking north. Directly north at a distance of 10 km is Vista rd tip in haydock. I noticed today large numbers of gulls heading north and it would be easy for gulls to commute between these 2 tips. Vista rd tip is in Merseyside but the viewing is very restricted.

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