Monday, March 17, 2008

Mere Sands Wood,
An adult night heron showed well and is the first I have seen in the UK.
I also think I saw a water vole. I have never seen one in the wild before but from the into the sun brief views as it swam in the water I think it may have been one.It looked like it has a flat nose and square head. I managed some poor shots of it so if anyone has any ideas please comment. Does anybody know if water voles are known to be present at Mere sands.
edit. I should have mentioned that its body was about 15cm long when swimming looking more rat sized rather than mouse sized.


Andy said...

There is a population of Water Voles according to the Lancs Wildlife Trust website.
Difficult to judge scale from the photos but it seems fairly small. Could be a Water Vole assuming it was large enough ie. rat-sized rather than mouse-sized. The smaller voles readily take to the water as well.

Steve Tomlinson said...

thanks Andy,
I should have said that it was more rat sized than mouse sized. I have seen plenty of rats and it certainly was not a rat and it was to big to be a vole or mouse.