Thursday, March 27, 2008

I had been shopping in Prescot town and was on the way back to the car park at 16.00 when I noticed a very large bird of prey being mobbed by a couple of crows.
This large bird of prey was high up and I did not have any bins with me. It was bright blue sky and strong sun. I thought that must be an eagle. It was a massive bird with broad long wings. It was just heading away from me when I first saw it. It was getting mobbed by 2 crows which looked tiny next to it. I said to my wife " thats a white tailed eagle". It drifted quite fast out of sight , I probably only watched it for about 30 seconds. Its tail looked square cut at the end and this gave me some doubts but it may have been due to the fact it was moving away from me it gave this impression. Its wings were broad and long and the bird was very big , twice the size of the buzzards I had been watching this morning. It was very difficult to say what colour it was underneath, just a silouette and I did not notice any contrast from light or dark. I thought then it was a white tailed eagle and now that one has been reported in north Wales and Seaforth I am convinced it was a white tailed eagle that I saw today.
I have never seen white tailed eagle before but have seen golden eagle and this bird was a large eagle with a short tail.

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