Saturday, March 29, 2008

I was very, very pleased to hear that PK had seen a juv white tailed eagle today at seaforth flying south.


Marc said...

What a great bird - superb! I couldn't believe it when the Conwy bird flew over me on Friday and watched it in amazement for the next 10 minutes. With no camera at hand and knowing what birders can be like, I was a little worried others may have been suspisious of the record. I was extremely relieved to hear that it had been seen the evening before over Prescott and over Seaforth the following morning - it's just a shame it didn't seem to like the Wales countryside for a bit longer! Well done Steve and well done PK for getting the bird and for making my claim a little more believable. We all deserve a little luck in birding on occasions! all the best - Marc

Steve Tomlinson said...

It certainly was a brilliant bird. I only wish I was actually birdwatching when I saw it as I always have my camera with me. PK managed some record shots at seaforth.Its great when other birders see a bird thats going to take some explaining.
Well done Marc and a great record for you and North wales