Monday, April 14, 2008

Second attempt bags the spoonbill,
I have always had a soft spot for spoonbills. I think it stems from drooling over the picture of one in my observer book of birds when I was a lad. I still have my copy. A spoonbill at seaforth late Saturday was good news but I could not make it till Sunday morning but of course it had decided to find pastures new by then. So it was nice that it decided to make a come back on Monday afternoon. So off I hurried to see this immature Spoonbill ( black tips to the primaries). It was fairly distant but it gave a fly past after the gulls went up and circled the freshwater pool and then coming down on the causeway. It spent most of its time sleeping but a great bird to see in Merseyside.
Also today 2 common Sandpipers 20 white wagtails, 1 wheatear, 2 little ringed plovers mating on the causeway,32 black tailed godwit some in summer plumage,1 snipe, 40 redshank and 30 little gulls feeding on the freshwater pool.

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