Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cheshire birding,
It was across the Runcorn bridge into rainy Cheshire today. It was a grey day but the birds certainly brightened up the day. First stop was Frodsham marsh to see Menzies temminck's stint. Thanks to Frank for putting me right on to it. This bird was certainly a dot on the huge no6 tank and it would have took some finding. The stint preferred its own company and did not join the small flock of dunlin and ring plovers. Also Grasshopper warbler reeling and little ringed plover here.
Onto Inner marsh farm and an excellent selection of birds were on offer here. 3 drake garganey, an adult spoonbill, 3 med gulls (2 1st summers and a 2nd summer), little ringed plover and a whiskered tern that eventually showed after a 3 hour wait.

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