Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seaforth NR,
An superb days birding at Seaforth today. With a south easterly breeze I was hopeful of a migrant or two . I arrived about 8.15 am and a wheatear was the first migrant on show. Whilst walking along the path to hide C a little brown job flitted out of an elderberry bush but quickly disappeared ahead of me. Alarm bells started to ring and I thought possible wryneck but I had only seen it for a nano second flying away from me. So at the clump of bushes near hide C was where I stood for the next hour. 2 chiffchaffs and a willow warbler were showing and after a little pishing a garden warbler showed very well. I then walked back down the path just to see if anything was there but nothing. When I got back to the bushes a medium sized bird flitted into an elderberry bush . I could just see a fraction of the bird but there was no doubt it was a WRYNECK. (9.30 am)It preened for a while and then fed on the mounds but frustratingly I did not manage a photo before it disappeared into cover. I then alerted everyone. It was not seen again until 2. 30pm despite constantly searching for it. It then showed well on and off but was a little flighty. I was just relieved others had seen it and photos taken of this cracking bird. I know its not a rare bird on the east coast but finding a local wryneck in Merseyside is just great.
I left at 3.30 and just missed a Honey buzzard flying SE over the reserve. What a day!
Also today a supporting cast of 3 curlew sandpipers, a little stint, a little ringed plover,42 golden plover, a few bar tailed godwit ,50 black tailed godwits, adult med gull, a juv yellow wagtail, a white wagtail, another garden warbler,2 songthrush, great tit, 2 chaffinch, 3 wheatears and a wall brown butterfly to cap off an absolutley brilliant days birding.

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