Friday, October 17, 2008

A bloody end to the day,

A visit to the Lady Lever art gallery in Port Sunlight was a pleasant way to spend a few hours today with my wife. An exhibition of watercolours by artists such as Turner, Edward Lear, and David Cox were on show.
After lunch we decide to go and look at HMS Illustrious from the riverfront at Woodside, next to the Mersey tunnel ventillation shaft. A pair of wings was all that was left of a pigeon at the base of this massive brick structure. A peregrine was sitting high above with a contented look. With my bins and camera I managed a photo.
Later whilst we were eating our evening meal back at the ranch a sparrowhawk was on full view ripping a goldfinch to bits on the garden fence. Nice.


The beautiful Liverpool skyline. The heart of Merseyside.

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