Saturday, January 26, 2008

Richmond bank gives high returns
After recently trying to turn herring gulls into caspian gulls it was great to finally get to grips with the real thing. I suppose caspian gull is one of those gulls that 'once you have seen one'. This 1st winter bird was so distinctive that there was no ifs or maybe's , it was a caspian gull. What struck me about this bird, apart from the white head,dark eye, and black slim bill was the wing coverts. They really contrasted from the mantle and scaps and were a rich brown colour. The long black wings were another obvious feature to this bird as were the long legs. I suppose its a relief to finally see a caspian gull and now I dont have to try and make every snouty, dark eyed herring gull into caspain gull. Thanks to my fellow merseyside gullers today, as one of them found this smart caspian gull. A lifer for me.
Also today there were 2 juv glaucous gulls, a juv iceland which may possibly be a second winter, a 2nd winter yellow legged gull , a peregrine and a water rail calling.

The last 2 pics of the caspian gull illustrate how different a gull can look, from a relaxed posture to an alert posture.


Long necked.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another good day .
All photos taken from tip perimeter at a great distance via digiscoping. There is no public access to the tip. Most of the gulls can be seen from Richmond bank and moore nr on birchwood pool.

An juv Iceland gull, a juv glaucous gull, a first winter yellow legged gull and a female marsh harrier were the best birds.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A good day
A 5 hour stint of determined gulling today produced a very satisfying haul of species . After the recent Caspian gulls at Arpley I thought I would give it a good go today to try and find one.
A 3rd w Iceland gull is probably the same bird that I id as a second winter last week. It was a lot closer today and the grey on the covert was a lot more obvious today.
A couple of 1st w Glaucous gull on the tip and birch pool were different birds and finally a 3rd w yellow legged gull capped off a fantastic days gulling.
A Green sandpiper flew over calling and showed well as it flew past. Probably it had been pushed off the mersey as the tide came in this afternoon.
The tawny owl was in its usual tree.

3rd w Iceland gull

3rd w yellow-legged gull

1st w Glaucous gull showing well on Birch pool

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Plenty To See At Moore

Only a quick visit to Moore NR this morning and I was treated to great views of a 1st w glaucous gull and a couple of Yellow legged gulls. Nice.
The Seaforth wanderers did even better close by with a couple of Casps and THREE 1st w Glaucs. Also a very interesting Herring gull. See

Glaucous gull. Just a little angel
2nd W Yellow legged gull and 1st W Glaucous gull

1st W Glaucous gull at Birch pool

1st W Yellow legged gull and Glaucous gull

Thursday, January 10, 2008

3rd winter Iceland gull at Arpley tip today