Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ring billed gull and glaucous gull in this photo.

Richmond Bank,
A valentines day suprise in the form of an adult ring billed gull brightened up this grey gloomy morning. Found by the Seaforth crew, it took a couple of phone calls from Tim on the opposite side of the Mersey to locate it in the thousands of gulls on the bank, as it was stood straight on to us. A very small juv glaucous gull was also present and at first I thought it was an iceland gull but on closer inspection the short primary projection, big tertial step and bright pink bill with black tip confirmed this as a glaucous gull.
We had 4 adult yellow legged gull with others having up to 8 shows the start of a michahellis movement which happen at this time last year. Also a small increase in lesser black backed gulls today.

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