Saturday, May 09, 2009

Seaforth nr and Plex moss,

Called in early at seaforth and the Pallid swift was still present. Its tenth day now. A couple of 1st summer little gulls ,an artic tern and a few sandwich terns were with the common tern on the causeway . A good flock of 209 dunlin were on the saltwater pool. Still lots of whitewags and wheatears about.
Late afternoon and a trip of 13 dotterel were reported on Plex moss but by the time I arrived only one was present on Station road. Very soon after I arrived a kestrel came low over the field and flushed the dotterel and after a couple of circuits it flew off north east. A little frustrating it going so soon but still the brief views of this delightful wader were a pleasure. Seeing this bird fly confirmed the 15 waders I seen flying off at 9.15am on Wednesday were definitely dotterel. I had never seen dotterel in flight before and the pale underwing and longish pointed wings were distinctive. It was nice to hear it call as it flew off.

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Jo said...

I love this! Brilliant little watercolour.