Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some moths and butterflies from North Lancs and just over the border,
Spent a few days BB in Arnside, a beautiful part of the country .

high brown fritillary 2
dark green fritillary 3
pyrausta cingulata 1
celypha rufana 1
high brown fritillary 1
small pearl bordered fritillary 1
dark green fritillary
Large heath 30
Grayling 8
dingy skipper 1
small heath 30

northern eggar
catoptria margaritella
clouded buff
barred straw
purple bordered gold
grass wave
least minor
chimney sweeper
coleophora mayrella
High brown fritillary

High brown fritillary. You can just see the high brown spots on the udderwing

Large heath

Dark green fritillary


Purple bordered gold

Catoptria margaritella

common lizard

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