Saturday, September 05, 2009

New brighton. Big NW blow produces some star birds.
To busy to get down for Fridays haul of sea birds which included sooty shear and balearic shear and all 4 squas but a juv sabines gull on the beach at Meols and 2 great and several artic squa were good birds today along with manx shearwater, common scoter, a couple of red throated diver, gannets and fulmars. There were Leachs petrels on show today but very distant from our position and where just black dots in the swell. Best bird of the day was seen by 2 lucky observers on the seaforth side. A wilsons storm petrel close to the sea wall but unfortunately it was just to far away to be seen from the new brighton side in the choppy Mersey mouth. A first for Lancashire.
A couple of pics of a juv cuckoo at Prescot res and a sand martin colony in St Helens during the summer.

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