Sunday, December 20, 2009

Prescot Reservoirs,
Loadsa gulls. Lovely.

Blizzard conditions gave the reservoirs a very festive feel today. The snow covered surroundings were very picturesque but the sight of 5000 herring gulls was absolutely amazing. No3 res was completely full, every bit of water was full of herring gulls plus 1000 black headed gulls. The now empty no4 res had a roost of 1500 herring gulls. These estimates are really on the conservative side and I am sure there were more than the numbers I have stated but I wasn't going to count them.I would say that 90% of them were adults. Probably a combination of the severe weather conditions and the tip at Moore not working today. Certainly the most gulls I have ever seen on the reservoirs.
A couple of adult yellow leggeds and a leucistic herring gull was what I could pick out of them in the couple of hours I had with them.

An interesting 1st w gull
A leucistic herring gull

A dark eyed argenteus

A dark eyed argenteus

A very pale 2nd w herring gull

A faded 1st w herring gull

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