Saturday, February 27, 2010

Richmond Bank,
Gull numbers seem to have dropped in the area. No white wingers today . 4 adult and and 2 1stw yellow legged gulls also.
Edit: If this caspian like gull is a 2nd winter gull then it may well be a caspian gull but if it is a 3rd winter then it probably is not. The small white spot on the primaries may suggest this bird is a 3rd winter bird. It would have been nice to have managed better images and views of this interesting bird.

Gull frighteners

Gull frighteners

A nice Argentatus herring gull. Very few of these in the area at the moment

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prescot Reservoir,
Managed to catch up with the adult ring billed gull today. Bill C found this bird on Thursday. It was only present for 5 mins today but luckily it flew off in my direction so was able to get some decent pics. It maybe the same bird that was present at the reservoirs during Sept,Oct,Nov and last seen on the 26th Nov in 2009. The ring billed gull that has been present at Seaforth NR the last couple of months has not been seen recently so again possibly the same bird having moved back to the Prescot reservoirs area.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Arpley landfill site.

An organised visit today onto the tip was a frosty start but the morning sun soon warmed things up. It was nice to see some friends I have not seen for a while and it was nice to see a juv iceland gull that showed well on the tip pool.This bird was present on Richmond bank on last Wednesday. A 2nd winter iceland gull visited the Birchwood pool also seen by Pete. During the morning 6 adult yellow legged gulls and 3 adult med gulls was an excellent showing. One of the adult meds had an almost complete black hood.

A frosty juv iceland gull on a frosty morning

An argentatus herring gull

An argie

Adult yellow legged gull

Adult yellow legged gull

something gone down the wrong way......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Richmond bank,
A very noticeable increase in lesser black backed gulls today with their distinctive calls filling the 'Mersey valley'. It sounds lovely but your actually standing on a landfill site looking at another landfill site. Nice. 3 adult and a 1stw yellow legged gull were amongst the lessers. A 1stw caspian gull was on the bank late afternoon but best bird was a beautifull 1stw iceland gull. The first 1stw iceland gull for me this winter was very nice. Quite a large, stocky, nicely marked individual with a mostly dark bill.
2 buzzards,1 raven, 15 shellduck ,30 redshank 2 bullfinch and 1 reed bunting also

An adult yellow legged gull with a open wing shot of an adult argenteus herring gull showing a dark band to p5

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just some various images from the last couple of months.

Shoveller in the afternoon sun

A very boldly marked 2ndw herring gull

A dark 1stw 'argie'

A big pale headed dark 'argie'

Very limited black on this argentatus herring gull wing tip.

'The gull frightener'

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Richmond bank.
A 2nd winter iceland gull today. Probably the same bird I saw at birchwood pool on the 2nd Jan.