Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plex moss and Marshside,

   Checked out the mosses to see if any dotterel had dropped in but no sign of any today. They seem to be very early this year. Nice to see the grey partridge, corn bunts and yellowhammers showing well. On to marshside and a drake garganey was a smart bird from nels hide. Still 280 pinkfeet on the marsh today but no sign of the whitefront. Lots of sedgey's and reedy's singing  even though it was very chilly and overcast today.


Pete Kinsella said...

Hi Steve, nice pic of the "Versicolor"-type Pheasant also known as Japanese Pheasant.It`s likely that it may be a hybrid but the true Versicolors are smaller than "regular" Pheasants and apparently fly faster, so were introduced to test the hunters shooting skills!

Steve Tomlinson said...

Thanks for that Pete. I have been trying to find out where these blue pheasant originated from. Beautiful birds.