Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crosby Marina,
A Wryneck was glimpsed briefly through the fence in seaforth nr before it disappeared to the far side of the reserve. This being the first for 10 years on the reserve but unfortunately not being viewable from the Crosby side once it had moved to the far side.
A yellow wagtail, 3 wheatears, 2 skylarks and hundreds of swallows moving through were also on show. A wigeon and 2 gadwall were on the boating lake.
Further up the coast at coastguards 2 adult med gulls, 8 stonechats, 1 goldcrest, 1 wheatear. 100 linnets, 20 greenfinch. On the shore 50 shellduck,400 golden plover, 1000 bar tailed godwits, 2000 oystercatchers, 20 curlew, 50 redshank and a handful of dunlin.
Lots of red admirals, 4 painted lady, 1 small heath, 5 small whites, and lots of silver y moths.

Another hummingbird hawkmoth in the garden today late afternoon. I think this is a different one to the one I saw on wednesday judgeing by the images. The one on wednesday was a bit tatty looking and todays looking in good condition. It really has been a great year for migrant moths, butterflies and dragonflies.


Anonymous said...

Hope your right Steve well spotted the last time i seen one was a picture by ( Phil Tomkinson )Lancashire Bird report 2004 sighting at Whyndke Farm, Blackpool, 17 August 2204 one can only keep looking.

P M Langley Liverpool,

Anonymous said...

Sorry date was a bit out Doh!

Update PM Langley