Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cattle Egret is a first for St Helens,
At Prescot reservoirs today a 100+ sand martins, 7 swallows, a willow warbler singing, blackcap singing, and several chiffchaff was unexpected considering the cold north wind that chilled me to the bone but it was not as big a suprise as the text that told me a cattle egret was in a field a mile away.
So off we went to see a very obligeing bird feeding around the feet of cattle in a field off Howards Lane, Eccleston. It was found by local birdwatcher Tom Ferguson and is close to the site where Little bunting was found in the 1993/94 winter, its certainly been a very productive area.
This is only the fourth record for Lancashire, the last one being at Martin Mere in Feb 08 but with the recent influx of cattle egrets in the country it surely wont be long before more are recorded.

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