Monday, April 21, 2008

The north bank,

Halewood, Lower road,
5 whimbrel and 3 curlew were in a field behind Everton's new training ground.

Hale marsh,
1 common sandpiper still present and a couple of white wags today

Oglet Lane,
5 wheatears were new here and 2 barn swallows were on wires near a 'barn'.

Speke coastal park
1 whimbrel, 13 ringed plovers and 12 dunlin were on rough ground roosting during the high tide. 1 whitethroat, 1 wheatear, 5 white wagtails, 1 1st summer shellduck ,4 buzzards over stockton wood

Prescot reservoirs
16 whimbrel on no 3 tank , 1 little ringed plover, 2 common sandpiper, redshank, 1 snipe grasshopper warbler, whitethroat,5 white wags, 2 shellduck, 8 gadwall, 9 heron, and green woodpecker male calling and showing,

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