Thursday, April 03, 2008

Moore gulls,
I spent a few hours at the screen hide at birchwood pool today. A juv iceland gull was seen over the tip but it did not visit the pool. A couple of adult, a couple of second summer and a first summer yellow legged gull did visit the pool. I had a possible 2nd summer caspian gull early on but it didn't stay long enough to give it a good grilling. Photos are not that good either! Also a possible glaucous x herring hybrid was of interest.
Probably 80% of the large gulls were lesser black backed gulls today. Only a handful of black headed gull now.

This 2nd summer yellow-legged gull was an absolute brute of a bird. As big as the greater black backed gull next to it.

The 2nd summer in flight.

A possible 2nd summer caspian gull.

A possible 2nd summer caspian gull

A 1st summer yellow-legged gull

This 1st winter bird has a very glaucous gull like bill ?

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