Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crosby coastguards, Merseyside,

The car park was at bursting piont, thousands of sunseekers, icecream vans , some sort of kite festival, screaming children, dogs running free , microlights above but somehow a desert wheatear remained amongst this indian summer madness. It fed along the tide line occasionly getting flushed by the unsuspecting public but remained faithful to an area about 250 metres south of coastguards. This 1st winter male was a stunning bird and was very confiding.This is the third record for lancashire.

Old Coach Rd

Yesterdays ross's goose failed to show up 13.00 today. It did show later briefly for others. A leucistic pinkfoot was with a thousand pinkfeet in one field, a couple of redwing, 35 curlew and a raven also.

leucistic pinkfoot

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