Saturday, October 11, 2008

Simonswood Moss, Kirkby, Merseyside,
A Ross's goose was seen in flight over Simmonswood moss close to White moss peat works. There are big numbers of pinkfeet in the area at the moment (maybe 4000 to 5000) and it is associating with these. Frustratingly most of the geese are out of sight from the road so flight views maybe the best you get but they regularly take flight. An excellent Merseyside tick. Please dont enter any farmers fields.
I first saw this goose on the 24th september distantly over the coach rd/east lancs rd area. See earlier post. It has since been at Martin Mere and it has now returned to the simonswood moss area.
Surely this bird has good credentials having arrived with the first big influx of pinkfeet into the mosslands.

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