Sunday, March 29, 2009

North wales,

When we arrived at Worlds End the sun had been up for an hour and we were not sure if the Blackcock would be still lekking on this bright frosty morning. Fortunately we were not disappointed as the upland was filled with the sound of the grouse. A delightful bubbling chorus accompanied the lekking males as they strutted about trying to win the females attention . We counted 17 blackcock displaying on the short turf and a couple of greyhen sitting in a small tree eyeing up their suitors. Their 'black' plumage showing hues of blue, green and purple in the morning sun set off by the lyre shaped tail . As the sun rose a little higher the cocks gradually began to disperse into the surroundings some flying a short distance into the nearby heather revealing their white wingbar and underwing. A pair of wheatears were on a stone wall nearby.
A walk along the Dee near llangollen gave good views of dipper and lots of wild flowers along the bank including swathes of wood anemone,lesser celandine and dog's mercury.

We called in to take a look at the long staying cattle egret near Frodsham on the way home.

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