Friday, March 20, 2009

Seaforth NR,

This hybrid drake ring-necked duck was a very smart bird. Arriving with a small group of tufted duck it was showing well as it was displaying with other drake tufted duck to a female tufted duck. A closer look at the wing bar revealed white secondries and it should be all grey in pure ring necked duck.
A little ringed plover and a ringed plover were on the salt water pool and a white wag and wheatear were on the long bank.
Chris D reports swallow, sand martin and wheatear at Prescot reservoir today.


Nick Patel said...

wow great pics of the RN duck, love that green shimmer on it.



Steve Tomlinson said...

Thanks Nick This bird is a hybrid. Rind n duck should have an all grey wingbar and this bird has white in the wing bar,
Cheers Steve

Nick Patel said...

Is it a RN duck X Scaup - the Green head?


Steve Tomlinson said...

It could be but I really dont know.