Saturday, May 30, 2009

hounds tongue

painted lady

nettle tap

wall brown

yellow tail larva

A painted lady invasion,

We drove across plex moss towards Ainsdale and the painted ladies were everywhere. Many basking on the track and fluttering up as we progressed across the moss. At sands lake and the dunes nearby it was the same with a constant stream of these long distant migrants. Amazing that these butterflies have come from north Africa, across the med and western europe.
Ainsdale dunes:

5 wall brown
200 painted lady at least
30 small heath
1 small copper
3 large white
1 latticed heath
8 silver Y
1 nettle tap
1 drinker larva
2 yellow tail larva

4 emperor teneral
1 broad bodied chaser
1 4 spot chaser
2 common blue damsel
1 azure damsel
A lizard was seen very briefly so not sure which species.

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